National Level Powerlifting Champion Forced to Sell Tea to Feed Family

We’re used to seeing the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Rory McIlroy signing lucrative sponsorship deals and bringing home massive tournament bonuses. These are examples of elite sportspeople at the top of their sport, who bring in tens of millions every year. So you’d be forgiven for assuming that anyone at the pinnacle of any sport would be well rewarded.

But, what happens to elite level athletes that are associated with lesser known, lower funded sports?

Well, meet Santosh.

Santosh is a national level champion and seven time Powerlifting gold-medallist who is forced to sell tea to feed her family. Santosh also works as a bouncer for a little extra cash.

Santosh Powerlifter Quit Sell Tea

In an interview with ANI, Santosh said: “I was injured while training and had to discontinue powerlifting. The government helped us with Rs. two lakh for the treatment when I got injured. I won many championships. I want the government to give me a job.”

Santosh Powerlifter Quit Sell Tea Twitter

Let’s say Rory McIlroy gets a career ending injury tomorrow. Can you imagine him going to sell tea to make a living?

What do you think of this?

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